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Marina Rabadan Gomez, Diana Cullel, Prof Correa-Díaz, Sizen Yiacoup and Niamh Thornton


Diana Cullel

Over the last couple of months, the University of Georgia in Athens and the University of Liverpool have completed another round of Franklin International Faculty Exchanges (FIFE). The FIFE Programme, which supports exchange visits and fosters collaboration between research staff and students at UGA and Liverpool, allowed Dr Diana Cullell (Hispanic Studies) to travel to Athens (USA) in March to deliver a research seminar as part of the Romance Languages Colloquium Series (on new forms of poetry in Spain). While in Athens, Diana Cullell also gave a lecture on Spanish poetry written by women to Postgraduate students and led a session on how to have an academic career, aimed at Postgraduate Students too. At the end of April the University of Liverpool welcomed Prof. Luis Correa-Díaz, who came to Liverpool from Athens to deliver a research seminar on Latin American Poetry. In Liverpool Prof. Correa-Díaz also led a translation workshop and took part in the Cities in Dialogue Twitter Chat (part of the Latin(o) American Digital Art Project) as interlocutor for the Q&A Twitter Chat.


Jordana Blejmar, Prof Correa-Díaz, and Claire Taylor

The FIFE Exchange has been praised by both Dr Cullell and Prof. Correa-Díaz as an exciting and fruitful opportunity to develop future research plans and collaborations. They are now working together in a book that will address new movements in Spanish contemporary poetry.

Staff and students with Prof Correa-Díaz for the translation workshop

Staff and students with Prof Correa-Díaz for the translation workshop