In the second semester of the current academic year, MLC welcomed Valentina Podda, who worked as a Teaching Assistant in Italian. In this short blog, Valentina recounts her experiences of the department and of Liverpool in general.


Valentina (first from left) with students of Italian

Ciao! I am Valentina Podda, I am 25 years old and I come from Padua. Thanks to the Erasmus Plus Traineeship Programme, I am currently doing an internship in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Liverpool, as an Italian Language Assistant.

I have an MA in History from the University of Padua. I graduated with honours with a dissertation on the Fascist Party in Padua, my hometown. Despite the fact that my professional education did not involve a language-related component, the staff at the University of Liverpool gave me the opportunity to live this international experience, which is proving to be extremely enriching professionally, socially and culturally, and of course, it is giving me the possibility to improve my English.

Since I started my Classical Studies, I have always been attracted to a career in academia and now I have the opportunity to learn how to teach Italian as a foreign language and to implement what I have learnt in my classes.

Through following the work of my colleagues at Liverpool, Rosalba Biasini and Federica Sturani, and by designing and teaching Italian language classes, I have been able, for the first time, to enjoy University life as a teacher and not as a student.

Valentina [2]

Valentina enjoying Liverpool’s culinary delights

Thanks to this international experience, I am improving my language skills day by day, growing professionally and getting to know many amazing people. From the Italian tutors to the students, everyone has made me feel at home.

Furthermore, living in Liverpool, I had  the possibility to discover a different side of the UK, which is quite unlike the tourist-centred hustle and bustle of London for example. Despite the typical English weather, Liverpool is a lovely, welcoming and multicultural city, and it captured my heart.

Having come to the end of this incredible path abroad, I would like to thank the Italian teaching team for having given me this opportunity.

I leave hopeful that we will meet again in the future.