Following on from our series of posts profiling ex ab initio German students, we turn to meeting MLC students who started learning Italian as complete beginners and who are now in their final year. Our first blogger is Bethany Keegan, who is taking a BA in Modern European Languages and tells us about her experiences of learning Italian from scratch.

Bethany Keegan

Choosing to study Italian from beginner’s level at the University of Liverpool was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having already studied French and Spanish for both GCSE and A Level, the opportunity to take up a third language from scratch was a no-brainer. Many criticised my decision, stating that it would be too difficult and that it would be impossible to reach a good standard by the time I graduated. Now, with only a few weeks left until I finish my degree, I am certain that I have proved them all wrong. In the short space of four years I have gone from not understanding a word of Italian, to it being my strongest language.

Bethany Keegan

Eating pizza in Naples!

The Italian lecturers at the University of Liverpool give constant support to their students and it is thanks to them that I have reached such a high standard. My Italian classes are the most enjoyable and have truly been the best part of my years at University – I will be sad to leave such a wonderful learning environment. The Year Abroad also obviously played an integral role in my language development. I spent 6 months studying in Padua, which is situated about half an hour away from Venice. It was challenging moving to a different country, but “living the language” enabled me to fully immerse myself in the wonderful Italian culture whilst developing my Italian skills. Fortunately, my Italian adventure isn’t over yet, as I’m off to Italy to teach English from September. Thanks to all those who made my time here such an enjoyable one!