In the first semester of the current academic year, MLC welcomed Giada Pierini, who worked as a Teaching Assistant in Italian. In this short blog, Giada recounts her experiences of the department and of Liverpool in general.

Ciao a tutti! I am Giada Perini and I am currently finishing my MA in International Communication and Cooperation at the University of Padua, in Italy.

During the first semester of this academic year, I had the opportunity to work as Italian Teaching Assistant at the University of Liverpool: being part of the Italian teaching team has been for sure one of the best experiences of my life so far. As a trainee, I had the chance to learn a lot about teaching, which I am now consider as future career. At the same time, I enjoyed the company of other language assistants, with whom I also went on a journey, engaging the European spirit of camaraderie. We worked together as a proper team and we involved students in all the different language cafés, which where the occasion for learning without really having the impression of doing it. Creating relationships, both with students and colleagues, was incredibly easy and it made me feel surrounded by humanity and kindness, which is what everything should be about – after this statement you can tell I have been studying international cooperation for several years now… and that is why I could not help but fall in love with Liverpool and its people.

Furthermore, I am currently carrying out a sociolinguistic research on Scouse, and I actually had the chance to meet local students and people working in the city, who were always kind enough to help me, proving the inner beauty of Liverpool. Nothing of this would have been possible without the constant support of the Italian teaching team, a small, but strong group of passionate people who believe in what they do and never miss the chance to improve themselves and the entire Department.

I arrived in the city with no idea about what I was about to do, I only knew I wanted to try something like teaching before graduating. I ended up coming back to Italy with a clear idea of the person I wanted to be and the things I wanted to do. Although I cried at the airport, as always when I leave England, I was happy and grateful for the opportunity I had and I knew it was just a “see you later”, well, a “see ya la’”.

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