We continue today with the latest in our series of posts profiling MLC students who started learning a language as complete beginners and who are now in their final year. This time, we meet Elpiniki Pantanela-Konnell, who is taking a BA in German and Classics. In this short blog, Elpiniki tells us about the challenges and successes of learning German from scratch.

Elpiniki Pantanela-Konnell

Hi all! My name is Elpiniki. I am a final year student at Liverpool University studying German with Classics. My experience with German began 3 years ago, when I picked the language as an ab initio student from other languages that were on offer, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, and Chinese, for the simple reason that knowing German is a big plus for your personal development and future career.


Although German was hard for me at times, as any other foreign language would be, the experience was utterly rewarding. My tutors were always there for me to explain things I didn’t understand and would always make every seminar unique and interesting, ranging from oral classes to listening sessions. Although I didn’t go to Germany for my Year Abroad, I have already applied for a DAAD scholarship to go to Germany for the summer and do a summer language course there. I have also applied to do a Masters in TESOL at Liverpool University once I graduate this year, as this will help me to get a better insight into the teaching world.

Last but not least, for all those who want to pick German at university and have no previous experience, do not hesitate! The support from the tutors and the very well-organised seminars will help you reach the level of A-level students just like I and so many others did. You can do it! Good luck!