Today, we continue our series of posts profiling MLC students who started learning a language as complete beginners and who are now in their final year. Today’s post is by Jessica Saunders, who is taking a BA in Modern European Languages, with modules in French, Spanish and German. Here is how Jessica looks back on the challenges and successes of learning German from scratch.

Jessica Saunders

When it came to choosing my University degree, Liverpool was my first choice, as it gave me the opportunity to study three languages on one course, which was really exciting for me as I had always had a passion for languages. I was also keen to pick up an additional one, after studying French and Spanish for A-Level. Learning a language as a beginner was, of course, a daunting task to begin with, but you surprise yourself with how quickly you pick things up, thanks to the intensity of the course. Being in a group that is exclusively for beginners is also really encouraging, and allows you to build your confidence.

Saunders (3)

Jessica enjoying the Würzburg Christmas market

The highlight of the course for me was the time I spent in Germany as part of my year abroad. I chose to study at the University of Würzburg for a semester, where I did modules in German, French, Spanish and Business. I had such a great experience; I was able to travel around various cities in Germany, such as Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt. I gained a lot of confidence in my spoken language skills, thanks to living with two other German students, as well as meeting many other German-speaking students as part of the Erasmus experience.

Now in my final year, I am so glad that I decided to take on German as another language. I feel that is it giving me an advantage when applying for graduate schemes and jobs, as many international companies are looking for people with a good knowledge of German. I am hoping to secure a job that will allow me to use my language skills to help an international company to expand, and also give me the opportunity to travel.