We are second in a video competition and we need to reach 1500 likes on YouTube by the 22nd March!

We are students of Basque at the University of Liverpool and we would like to ask a little favour from you. We have recorded a video promoting the Korrika run in support of the Basque language that will be taking place in the Basque Country from the 30 March – 9 April. The event is organised by AEK (Alfabetatze Euskalduntze Koordinakundea), an organisation with the mission to recover and revive the Basque language among the people of the Basque Country. The route of the run goes through the Basque Country and covers over 2,000 km over the course of the 11 days.

The video that has the most “likes” on YouTube will be the winner of a grant to study Basque during the summer in the Basque Country. Therefore, we are doing our best to promote the video and asking for as many “likes” as possible. We’d really appreciate it if you could “like” our video and send it to your contacts, and if you would like to share it on your social media, even better! The video can be viewed here: