On the 15 February 2017, MLC hosted its second Routes into Languages event of the academic year. This latest event was a Language Enrichment Event (LEE), designed to emphasize the importance of learning a language and a different culture in secondary education. This time, our guests were 95 Year 8 pupils from three different schools from Liverpool and the surrounding area: Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Wirral Grammer School for Girls and St Francis Xavier’s College.

The morning programme involved a variety of sessions designed to teach language through culture. These sessions included a class given by Francisco José Fernández from the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester, encouraging Spanish language learning through singing. Nelson Becerra also gave a salsa class (Nelson loves his salsa), and Yipeng Zhang gave a lesson in Tai Chi, aided by second- and final-year Chinese students studying at Liverpool.

In the afternoon, pupils attended Chinese, Basque and Catalan language tasters, offered by Lei Peng, Marina Balenciaga and Joan Mas respectively.

The University of Liverpool prides itself in collaborating on such initiatives that help to raise language and culture awareness in the community.


Year 8 pupils enjoying a Spanish singing class