Are you looking for a summer job abroad? Would you like a job which provides a great experience whilst enjoying the summer? Are you a Spanish or Basque language student and want to practice your language(s)? Are you thinking about becoming a teacher or working with children? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, Enjoy English Summer School is the ideal opportunity for you!

Enjoy English is an English summer school aimed at children between the ages of 5-12 which takes place throughout the Basque Country, in the north of Spain. The Basque Country is budding with rich culture and ancient history, its main characteristic being the Basque language, one of the oldest languages in Europe and the origins of which are a mystery.  As well as the Basque language, Spanish is also spoken there, making it a perfect place to practice and/or learn about these two languages.

I had a brilliant time in the Basque Country. I’ve never visited anywhere quite like it. Living with a Basque family and working there for a month helped me to fully embrace the day-to-day lifestyle and culture. I immediately formed a very good relationship with the children. They were always up for taking part in the activities and always tried their best to speak in English. Most afternoons we spent at the beach. It was amazing sunbathing on the beach, surrounded by mountains, with the most spectacular views you won’t see anywhere else. My host family ensured I was very well fed the entirety of my stay. They taught me how to cook traditional Basque food which I would recommend. Lois Entwistle, Hispanic Studies and Business student

Enjoy English Summer School is now looking for native English-speaking monitors to work in local schools in the Basque Country for four weeks during the school holidays. The monitors will be in charge of different activities such as project work, theatre and sport, and will stay with a local family, an excellent opportunity to get immersed in real Basque culture.

For more information, visit Enjoy English Summer School’s website at http://www.enjoyenglishmonitors.info/home, or contact June Rivas (monitors@ehi.ikastola.eus). To request an application form, please contact Marina Balenciaga (Marina.Balenciaga@liverpool.ac.uk). The deadline for applications for Liverpool students is the 20 March 2017.


Teachers and pupils at the Enjoy English Summer School