Having learnt more about the Year Abroad experiences of our own students in recent weeks, today French Erasmus student Amélie Doche tells us a bit about her experiences in Liverpool, where she will be spending this academic year. 

Hi there,

My name is Amélie. I am a French student, aged 21, and I’m here at the University of Liverpool for the whole academic year – cheers, Erasmus programme! I’ve been studying English language, literature and history for two years at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III. I absolutely love the English language… I must say, I find it very pleasant to hear – and even more so if you come from the North of England! I feel that, when you study a modern language, it is important to “experience” it, almost to “lose yourself” in it. I’m not saying that you cannot learn a foreign language at the university –in fact, I definitely think that you can – but a foreign language is not just about learning new words. Every language is strongly linked with the culture with which it is associated.

So, why did I choose Liverpool? Well, I wanted to live in a big city where there is always something going on. And I also wanted to be rather close to the countryside (to fulfil my romantic need for nature and green areas perhaps?). Seems like Liverpool is a great location for me! There was also this popular cliché that people who live in the North of England are more welcoming that their fellow countrymen in the South. It might have influenced my decision without my consciously knowing it!

For those of you who’d like to study/work as a teaching assistant in France next year, feel free to contact me!


Getting to know the local artwork: Amélie on Crosby beach, the site of the sculptures that form Anthony Gormley’s work Another Place