Sophie Murray BA (2016, French) crossed the Pennines to come to Liverpool and is another of our very recent graduates to take up employment in France. As a Single Honours French student, Sophie was able to take a wide range of different modules in the department, and enjoyed the literature and cultural topics in particular.

Sophie is one of the Department’s students who spent her year abroad working on an independent work placement. She was an intern in a real estate agency in Nice, and made such an impression on her employers that, at the end of her placement, the company offered her a post on graduation. The internship during the year abroad was devoted to sales training and building up her experience. In her spare time she travelled around the region, completely falling in love with Nice and the Côte d’Azur.

Liverpool for me was an amazing experience. The city is so full of life and culture – and proper nice restaurants – and I met some incredible people.

Back in Nice, Sophie’s job is, in her words, exciting, stressful and rewarding. She is an independent agent so there is a lot of pressure on a daily basis, but she finds it fulfilling to be able to find people their dream property. She meets a wide range of people, and she especially enjoys having British clients and being able to help them through the complicated French system.

In terms of using the skills she acquired in Liverpool, Sophie spends a lot of her working day on the telephone, making enquiries and negotiating between buyers and sellers. On some days, she visits properties, either with clients or to establish sales contracts. This includes photographing properties and preparing advertising texts. Sophie is increasingly becoming an expert in French administrative processes and procedures – but the perfect tonic is the ability to head to the beach and enjoy the Mediterranean.