Becca Beynon BA (2016, French) came up to Liverpool from south Buckinghamshire and, within days of graduation, began work in Paris, the third job she has had in France since she started her degree. As a single honours French student, Becca sampled the wide range of modules available in French, and particularly enjoyed sociolinguistics in her final year. She was also a stalwart of Café français, the informal discussion group convened by the French section’s lecteurs.

Becca spent her year abroad in Toulouse as an English-language assistant, and in order to prepare for the transition from studying in Merseyside to working in France, Becca spent the summer at the end of her second year working as a sales assistant at Disneyland Paris. During the year in Toulouse, Becca realised that she did not want to become a teacher on graduation, but at the same time she particularly appreciated the opportunity to learn new professional skills as well as improve her spoken French.

I loved my time at the University of Liverpool because of its great atmosphere and learning environment. Despite living in Paris, I miss it a lot!

Becca now works for the reinsurance company SCOR, based in their offices in central Paris. Currently, she works in the marketing and services division, specializing in events. This means daily contact with SCOR’s international offices in Asia, Africa and the Americas, working on forthcoming publications and events. Drawing on skills acquired during final-year language classes, Becca edits and writes reports in English for the company, as well as proof-reading publications and organizing events.