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Dr Marieke Riethof, Lecturer in Latin American Politics, has published an article on Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment on 31 August 2016.

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She argues that the impeachment debates reveal competing visions of democracy between those who believe they are following a democratic legal procedure and those who see it as a political manoeuvre to remove an unpopular president.

“The impeachment crisis reveals two conflicting visions of democracy in Brazil, signaling turbulent times ahead for the country’s political future”.

Dr Riethof has also published a short article on the International Peace Institute’s Global Observatory website on the implications of Rousseff’s impeachment for democracy in Latin America. Using recent public opinion data, she detects a shift in support for democracy, not only in Brazil but also in the rest of Latin America.


This piece follows on from a series of articles Dr Riethof has published on the Brazilian crisis, two of which first appeared on The Conversation and were republished in Newsweek (see her Conversation profile for a full list). She was also interviewed in May for the ABC radio programme “The impeachment of Dilma Rousseff” and the Christian Science Monitor interviewed her in August for the article “Why Rousseff’s exit may not usher in the change that Brazilians want”.

Dr Riethof’s research has focused on analysis of the political trajectory of the Brazilian labour movement, a close ally of Dilma Rousseff’s Workers’ Party (PT). More recently, her work has focused on Brazilian foreign policy, human rights, environmental politics and renewable energy.