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The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures invites teachers and other stakeholders from schools, universities and beyond to attend the afternoon symposium ‘Making Languages Work – Towards a Closer Co-operation between Schools and Universities’ on Wednesday 14 September 2016 from 12.00-16.15.

As the prospect of Britain leaving the EU throws the problems of inward-looking, insular policies into the spotlight, the need for intercultural sensitivity and foreign language skills is becoming more and more apparent. British school leavers and graduates need to be prepared to enter the global job market, where international agility and multilingualism are the norm and English as the lingua franca leaves few, if any, competitive advantages for monolingual English native speakers.

The symposium will be used to outline the situations and expectations in Secondary and Higher Education and to forge closer cooperation between foreign language teachers in schools and in universities.

The following themes will be addressed in the first instance:

  • How can we identify the invisible language repertoires and raise the educational attainment of pupils with multilingual backgrounds?
  • How can we facilitate the recognition and accreditation of all existing language skills?
  • How can university language students support and enrich the curriculum through placements, ‘adopt-a-class’ schemes and residence-abroad partnerships?
  • How can the university language departments, with their focus on literary studies, film, linguistics and translation, support school teachers in their response to the new curriculum?

This symposium will offer the opportunity to share ideas, to develop frameworks for closer collaboration and partnerships and to create new opportunities for students to learn new languages and to further develop and employ their existing multilingual repertoire.

The full programme and registration details can be accessed here.