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Dr Rosalba Biasini, Ms Anke Bohm and Ms Marina Rabadán-Gómez have co-authored an article on work placements as a gateway to the world of work. Representing three different subject areas within Modern Languages & Cultures (Italian, German, and Spanish respectively), the three language-teaching specialists analyse levels of student agency in independent work placements on the year abroad.

The volume to which Dr Biasini, Ms Bohm and Ms Rabadán-Gómez have contributed

The volume to which Dr Biasini, Ms Bohm and Ms Rabadán-Gómez have contributed

In their chapter, they highlight the high level of support and encouragement offered to students in the department as they prepare for their year abroad, and underline the importance of networks and contacts between universities and industry to make such placements a success.

Employability for Languages: A Handbook is available through Open Access, which facilitates collaborations between higher education institutions, especially in the sharing of good practice across institutions. Furthermore, the three point to hte value of co-operating between subject areas within the department, not least in terms of understanding better the student experience and improving the support offered by the department.

Independent work placements prepare students for their first steps into professional life, shaping stronger personalities equipped with transferable skills, an international vision and an understanding of work ethics

Dr Biasini, Ms Bohm, and Ms Rabadán-Gómez intend to continue their collaboration, given their interest in the topic, and also hope to develop closer links with the Deaprtment of Modern Languages at the University of Southampton, where the editors of the volume are based.