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Professor Claire Taylor, from Modern Languages & Cultures’ Iberian & Latin American Studies section, is part of a team that has been awarded a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to undertake a scoping review on “Ways of Being in a Digital Age”. Led by Professor Simeon Yates of the Institute of Cultural Capital, this review will inform potential future ESRC initiatives in this area, and Professor Taylor is one of the co-investigators on the Steering Group of the team.

The University of Liverpool's Institute of Cultural Capital

The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Cultural Capital

The review undertaken by the team will provide a holistic view of how digital technology mediates our lives, and of the way technological and social change co-evolve and impact on each other. As well as undertaking a review of expert opinion and a systematic literature review, the project will also run a programme of events to build and extend networks among the academic community, other stakeholders and potential funding partners.

As a Modern Linguist, I’m keen to contribute to exploring questions such as how linguistic and cultural specificities affect communities and their engagement with the digital, and also how digital technologies may be employed to enable the expression of citizenship that goes beyond the nation-state.

The project team represents 16 universities from the UK, EU, USA and Singapore. The core team of co-investigators from eight UK universities, of which Professor Taylor forms a part, provides expertise across a range of social science, arts, engineering and science backgrounds. The project will focus on seven ‘domains’:

  • Citizenship and politics
  • Communities and identities
  • Communication and relationships
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Economy and sustainability
  • Data and representation
  • Governance and security

On completion of the project, the team will be holding a symposium to report the findings and to discuss the future of digital research in the social sciences.