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As the summer continues, Modern Languages & Cultures staff continue to undertake their research. Dr Lyn Marven, Senior Lecturer in German, will be completing an article on contemporary author Ulrike Draesner’s short stories, for a volume of essays which she is co-editing together with Professor Karen Leeder (New College, Oxford).

Dr Lyn Marven (right) introduces Ulrike Draesner's Collinson Lecture

Dr Lyn Marven (right) introduces Ulrike Draesner’s Collinson Lecture

The essays were presented at a symposium held in Oxford in April on Ulrike Draesner’s work, attended by the author herself. Contributors from the UK, the USA, and Germany discussed aspects of Draesner’s literary fiction and poetry, her translations and self-translations, and her essays on literature, and were treated to a sneak preview of Draesner’s forthcoming radical modern reworking of the medieval Nibelungenlied and some exclusive new writing by the author in English.

Dr Marven’s chapter will focus on three volumes of short stories, putting these in the context of the boom in short story writing from the mid-1990s onwards, and focusing in particular on Draesner’s experiments in narrative form and her playful use of language. In addition to writing about the short stories, Dr Marven also intends to translate one short story, ‘Rosa Käfer’ (Rose Beetle), which is a modern take on Kafka’s classic story Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis), and which Dr Marven already translated an extract from for an Encounters: Writers and Translators in Conversation Event.

Ulrike Draesner came to Liverpool in May to give the annual Collinson Lecture, where she talked about memory transmission in literature and traumatic family histories.