Following the result of the EU Referendum, and in the wake of the statement issued by the Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR) in London, we the undersigned staff in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Liverpool wish to express our unwavering solidarity with Europe, with our many European partners, and with all Europeans in the UK. We wish also to express our permanent commitment to the principle of student and staff mobility, both to and from the UK, and so to residence abroad as an integral component of Modern Languages and Cultures degree programmes. Our intellectual and practical missions have always included the pro-active promotion of multilingualism, cross-cultural cooperation and intercultural understanding. At a moment when those guiding themes of our work have acquired a new urgency and resonance, we stand firm in our values and beliefs, and we commit to continue to do all we possibly can to deliver a genuinely transnational and transcultural form of education, and to foster all forms of collaboration throughout Europe.

The UK government issued a statement about Erasmus+; from the perspective of student mobility, the department highlights the following lines:

The referendum result does not affect students studying in the EU, beneficiaries of Erasmus+ or those considering applying in 2017. The UK’s future access to the Erasmus+ programme will be determined as a part of wider discussions with the EU. More broadly, existing UK students studying in the EU, and those looking to start in the next academic year, will continue to be subject to current arrangements.

The University of Liverpool has created a portal with information on its position on the European Union.


Ana Bela Almeida

Dr Nerea Arruti

Dr Valdi Astvaldsson

Dr Ulrike Bavendiek

Dr Rosalba Biasini

Dr Frank Brunssen

Nelson Becerra González

Dr Robert Blackwood

Dr Pollie Bromilow

Anke Bohm

Dr Kay Chadwick

Dr Godfried Croenen

Dr Diana Cullell

Dr Jonathan Lewis

Dr Tiago de Luca

Dr Rebecca Dixon

Professor Emeritus John Fisher

Professor Charles Forsdick

Christine Giuliani

Professor Chris Harris

Veronika Koeper-Saul

Hanna Magedera

Dr Ian Magedera

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Dr Gorka Mercero Altzugarai

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Ana Reimao Vilhena Pereira

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