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Whilst second-year students in Modern Languages & Cultures are preparing to start their year abroad, for others the experience is coming to an end. One of those thinking about coming back to Liverpool is Molly Evans, a student of German and Business Studies, who has spent the past year on an independent work placement in south-west Germany.

Molly Evans (second from right) at an Oktoberfest during her Year Abroad

Molly Evans (second from right) at an Oktoberfest during her Year Abroad

Molly has spent her year abroad in Heilbronn, near Stuttgart, where she has been a Sales & Marketing intern at Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH. Here, she was able to put into practice some of the skills she has studied, and was acutely aware of the cultural differences between Germany and the UK.

Although doing a placement abroad was challenging and often tiring, it was incredibly rewarding as my German linguistic skills improved rapidly and I could still use the weekends to explore and travel

Molly remembers the culture shock she experienced at the start of her placement, when she had to adapt to a new culture, find her way around a new city, and deal with day-to-day challenges, including setting up a bank account, formally registering as a resident, and sorting out her accommodation. At the same time, she enjoyed many aspects of local life, including learning about Schwäbisch culture. Molly also made the most of the summertime start to her placement, enjoying beer gardens in the long evenings, swimming in the outside municipal pool, and cycling alongside the river Neckar.

A highlight of Molly’s time at Amphenol was celebrating the company’s sixtieth birthday, which coincided with the Oktoberfest season. Whilst purists might argue that Oktoberfest is a Bavarian tradition, Molly learnt that there are many similar festivals throughout Baden Württemberg and the company decided to throw its own Amphenol Oktoberfest, giving staff a Friday off work.