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Joanna Conroy BA (2013, French and English) currently works for Dow Jones as a Multimedia Sales Coordinator in Paris, having come to Liverpool in 2009 from East Sussex.


Joanna Conroy at work in Paris

For her year abroad, Joanna was an English Language Assistant in Evreux, Haute Normandie where she really enjoyed immersing herself in the language and culture. Wisely, she established a network of international friends doing similar programmes in schools in the region, comprising of an Italian, a Spaniard, a German, an American and a Jamaican, all in pursuit of seemingly mythical fluency French, all of whom were equally determined to limit themselves to speaking only French.

The year abroad was such a valuable time for me, not only because it helped my language skills progress, but because it showed me I was capable of taking a risk and setting up a new life for myself in France – Joanna Conroy

Joanna threw herself into finding a job during her final year, applying for a range of posts that required the speaking of French, and on the day of her graduation, she was offered a job in the Paris branch of an office that sold advertising space to French clients in Anglophone publications, including Forbes, Bloomberg, and The Daily Telegraph. Having spent 18 months gaining experience, Joanna applied for her current role and moved to working for Dow Jones.

Joanna is now in a completely French-speaking professional environment in Paris, assisting the advertising sales team with all requests that pertain to The Wall Street Journal‘s print, digital, and mobile products. Joanna admits that even she is surprised that she now uses French as her main language.