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Dr Lisa Shaw, Reader in Portuguese and Brazilian studies in Modern Languages and Cultures, has seen her translation of an opinion piece published by The Guardian newspaper.


Dr Shaw has worked with Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum before, translating her work into English for wider consumption. Dr Shaw is currently based in Brazil, and is witnessing at first hand the public response to the spread of the zika virus.

The zika virus has attracted world-wide media attention, with cases attested across the Americas. The virus is associated with abnormal brain developments in foetuses, hence the particular concern amongst pregnant women.

There is definitely increased vigilance about preventing mosquito breeding grounds in homes, but many see the mobilization of soldiers last Saturday as more of a publicity stunt than anything else – Lisa Shaw

Blum’s article, translated by Dr Shaw, can be read here. Translation is one of the teaching strengths of Modern Languages and Cultures at Liverpool, and Dr Shaw is one of several colleagues who translate as part of their teaching and research activities.