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This is a post cross-posted from the Digital Latin American Cultures Network page.

We’re delighted to announce that Prof Claire Taylor’s Latin(o) American Digital Art Project has been invited to participate in the Digital Design Weekend 2015, to be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The culmination of the London Design Festival, the Digital Design Weekend is held from Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 September 2015 , 10.30 –17.00, and is a weekend of events celebrating contemporary digital art and design, including interactive installations, demonstrations of robotics, tinkering and inventive electronics, workshops, family activities and more.

This Too Shall Pass, by Brian Mackern

The Latin(o) American Digital Art Project will be presenting This Too Shall Pass// Affective Cartographies, the multimedia art work developed by their Artist in Residence, Brian Mackern, during his residency in Liverpool in 2014, as part of the Cities in Dialogue series of interventions.

The intervention includes a showing of the artwork This Too Shall Pass across multiple screens, with sound and interactive features for audience intervention. For this artwork, Brian reworked the footage obtained through his dérives (a series of unplanned journeys along an urbanscape) in Liverpool. That gathering of information and recording of sound and visual material is then remixed in this artwork by different parameters (volume levels, transparencies, zooms, fragmentations, crossfadings, speeds of timelines, etc.) controlled by Liverpool’s “socio economic historic curve” of the last century.

As well as the digital artwork itself, printed postcards are also provided as part of the installation, and form a way of continuing the dialogues across the cities. The public is encouraged to take away one of the postcards and send it to another city, or to post it into our low-tech postbox to provide feedback on the project and communicate with the artist.

There is also the opportunity to vote for images, and share your own images of your own city, using Twitter, through the project’s Twitter galleries. There will be the opportunity to share in the debate on Twitter curation, and the project will also be sharing their Policy Document, which arises from the findings of the project.

For more information on the Digital Design Weekend, including programme and venues, see the V&A event page.

We hope that many of our readers will be able to join us there!