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Prof Eve Rosenhaft spoke about her research to Radio Heteroglossia a bilingual podcast available in Spanish and English, whose aim is to “Sharing academic perspectives on social issues within and beyond the academia / Comunicando perspectivas académicas acerca de problemáticas sociales dentro y más allá de la academia”.

Radio Heteroglossia

In her interview Prof Rosenhaft discusses her article, “Blacks and Gypsies in Nazi Germany: The Limits of the ‘Racial State,’” published in 2011 in the History Workshop Journal, which, through an analysis of the experiences of Black and Gypsy peoples in the Holocaust, provides insights into the nuances encountered between official and everyday perceptions of difference, and the variety of experiences of the holocaust by the different groups that were persecuted during the Nazi regime. Click, here, to listen to the interview.

A translated transcription in Spanish of the highlight of the interview will be released  on the Spanish section of the site.