Dr Şizen Yiacoup, Modern Languages and Cultures, will give the first of our semester 2 series talks. Her talk is entitled, “The Ottoman Turk in Early Modern Spanish Literature”

'The Battle of Lepanto' (1571), anonymous

‘The Battle of Lepanto’ (1571), anonymous

At its height in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Turkish Empire was a powerful multinational, multilingual empire which threatened to overwhelm Europe and Christendom. In this presentation Şizen Yiacoup will discuss aspects of the religious and cultural impact of Turkish expansionism evidenced in early modern European sources, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which Spanish Humanist literature of the 16th century approached the question of the ‘Grand Turk’.

The talk will take place this week on the 18th of February from 1-3 in Room 209, Cypress Building. All are welcome.