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On Saturday 28th of February Dr Rosalba Biasini will take part as speaker at an Italian Day School (“La rappresentazione delle nuove tendenze politiche italiane”) of the University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education. This day event explores the representation of political  trends and leaders in contemporary Italian media, literature and cinema. The speakers on the day will consider the following questions:

 Which political figure can solve all Italy’s national problems? What is the true role of the media in Italian politics? How have the major Italian leaders and their politics been received by novelists and intellectuals? What are the uses and impact of the cinema on political communication?

Italian event

Day School Schedule

Her lecture: “Lo scrittore e l’arte di governare: riflessioni sulla politica nel romanzo italiano contemporaneo” deals with the portrayal of political trends in contemporary Italian novels. She will consider how major Italian leaders and their politics have been received by novelists and intellectuals through an examination of the representation of political discourse in literary works.

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