Tuesday 2 December 2014 Liverpool Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Sight, Sin and Sexuality in Sixteenth-Century France Speaker: Graeme Murdock (Trinity College, Dublin) Please note change of venue: this event will now take place in the Walbank Lecture Theatre, first floor, 12 Abercromby Square.

Wednesday 3 November to Monday 8 December 2014 Feminisms in the Digital Age: Transnational Activism in Germany and Beyond “Feminisms in the Digital Age: Transnational Activism in Germany and Beyond” is a digital lecture series that explores the political impact of feminist activisms in the 21st century. In five lectures and a concluding roundtable, we interrogate the digital interface of transnational protest movements and local activism in feminist politics. The lectures take contemporary German protest culture as a case study for the manner in which transnational feminist activism intersects with the national configuration of feminist political work. We explore how movements and actions from outside Germany’s borders circulate digitally and resonate differently in new local contexts, and further, how these border-crossings transform grass-roots activism as it goes digital.

Wednesday 10 December 2014 Department of Modern Languages and Cultures Rebecca Dixon (University of Liverpool), Wednesday 10 December, 1pm, ‘Spectacular Bodies: Dress and Undress in Wavrin Master Manuscripts’, Rendall Seminar Room 3 Gerard de Nevers KBR 11