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Renowned novelist, translator and author, Tim Parks, delivered the fourth Lucrezia Zaina Bequest Lecture on 9 October 2014. The lecture was about Giacomo Leopardi’s ‘Discorso sopra lo stato presente dei costumi degl’italiani’ (Discourse on the present state of morals in Italian) where Leopardi put forward an elaborate explanation for the unique nature of Italian life and society. Tim Parks drew on Leopardi to offer his own insight into contemporary Italy and discussed how much has changed since the early 19th century and how much has remained the same.

Parks and Zaina

The event was very successful, with approximately 400 tickets reserved for the event. Many positive comments were made during the reception after the lecture and attendees have been sending appreciative messages to the organisers.

Earlier in the day Tim Parks met our students of Italian for a very interesting discussion about his experience in translation.

The Lucrezia Zaina Bequest Lecture is a very important event for Italian Studies at Liverpool. Last year we hosted Beppe Severgnini who talked about the problems facing young Italians and how important their role is for the future of the country. Two years ago we hosted Andrew Graham-Dixon who talked about Caravaggio and the year before Francesco da Mosto on Venice. We hope to see the same level of interest next year – so watch this space!