Joel Linares Moreno, previously of the Universidad Nacional Experimental de la Seguridad UNES  and the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodriguez in Venezuela, and now working as Consultant in the Ministry of Popular Power for Communes and Social Movements, will be giving a tertulia this Wednesday, 12th February from 4.30pm in Cypress Building, room 318.

Entitled Geographies of Resistance: Communal Councils and Popular Power in Venezuela, the tertulia addresses the  development of the concept of “Participatory and Protagonist Democracy” within the Bolivarian process which is expressed in new forms of social and territorial organisation and which pose a new “Radical and Human Geography.”  Joel Linares Moreno will discuss exercises in self-governance as part of Venezuela’s Communal Councils,  which are currently at a stage of experimentation and developing from the “production of knowledge based on practical experience”. Moreno will also discuss the constitution of the “Communal State” in Venezuela and its role within the the construction of “Socialism of the 21st Century”.