A new article by Dr Marco Paoli (Italian) examines the role of comedy and in particular of Paolo Virzì’s films in the Italian Political Cinema context.
In this article, published in The Italianist, Dr Paoli shows that comedy as a cinematic genre can contributes to the most important social and often political debates of the time and argues strongly in favour of reinserting Italian comedy into the nation’s cinematic canon. In other words, this article makes clear that cinematic genres have become points of reference in terms of themes and structures which film directors can use for a variety of purposes. Consequently, the distinctive trait of a film is not the genre to which the film belongs. The author (Paolo Virzì) and his works (La bella vita, Baci e abbracci, Tutta la vita davanti etc.) analysed in this article emphasize the fundamental contribution of contemporary Italian comedy to the need to constantly renew the concept of impegno (social and political commitment), with particular attention to importance of the role of the audience in the Italian political cinema context.

Congratulations, Marco!