Rebecca DixonCLAS is pleased to welcome Dr Rebecca Dixon as Lecturer in French. She has taught previously at the universities of Exeter and Manchester, and comes to Liverpool from the University of Leeds where she held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (2009-11) and taught in the French Department (2009-13).

Rebecca is a medievalist, specialising in the court of Burgundy in the later medieval period. She has published widely on the literature and culture of this milieu, focussing not only on manuscripts and texts but also on its visual arts. Her recent work, in a monograph entitled A Romance Spectacular: Cultural Consumption at the Court of Burgundy, 1445-68, brings these interests together through the themes of travel, battle, and ceremony in text and image. Rebecca holds an MA in the History of Dress from the Courtauld Institute, and has worked on dress and identity in Burgundy; and with her Leeds colleague Professor Rosalind Brown-Grant she co-directed the BA-funded network Text/Image Relations in Late Medieval Culture. She has interests, too, in the Flemish-speaking culture of Burgundy in her period, and has recently attended a conference where she spoke on a Middle Dutch translation of a Middle French text. Future projects include a study of crowds in the late medieval Burgundian Netherlands, and a critical edition of a prose romance, the Roman de Buscalus.