We welcome Dr Jonathan Lewis to CLAS as University Teacher in French. Jonathan comes to us from the University of Portsmouth where he spent the academic year 2012-13 as a lecturer.

Here_are_drown_the_AlgeriansJonathan completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Exeter, where he finished his Ph.D. in 2012. His research interests fall within the field of francophone postcolonial studies, with a particular focus on Franco-Algerian literature and the memory of the Algerian War of Independence. His doctoral thesis was entitled ‘Conflict and Remembrance in Franco-Algerian Literature, 1981-1999’, in which he explored the work of four authors who embody the divisive history shared by France and Algeria: Azouz Begag, Mehdi Charef, Mounsi, and Leïla Sebbar. He had an article published in Modern & Contemporary France in 2012, entitled ‘Filling in the Blanks: Memories of 17 October 1961 in Leïla Sebbar’s La Seine était rouge’.