herta coverDr Lyn Marven, Lecturer in German, has just published a co-edited volume (with Dr Brigid Haines, Swansea) on Romanian-German author Herta Müller, the 2009 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Herta Müller (OUP, 2013) introduces the author, one of Europe’s foremost contemporary writers, to a world audience. Chapters by an international team of scholars cover Müller’s major works, including her most recent novel Atemschaukel (Hunger Angel), and her collages.

Other chapters explore Müller’s poetics and her Romanian background as well as themes, such as gender and life writing, running throughout her work, and her worldwide reception through the media and the medium of translation.

Dr Marven contributed two chapters to the volume: the first examines Müller’s brightly-coloured, abstract collage works, which appear in four German volumes and one Romanian collection. Dr Marven argues that the collages are a central part of Müller’s work, representing in their form and content themes which also resurface in her written work. The second chapter analyses the relationship between Müller’s life and her writing: Müller frequently rewrites episodes from her own life in her novels, albeit in a distinctively poetic style. This strategy of rewriting, Dr Marven suggests, allows Müller to address traumatic events, while at the same time highlights her literary invention.

Herta Müller, ed. Brigid Haines and Lyn Marven (OUP, 2013)