Petra Sterry, a visual artist from Vienna, came to Liverpool last month to carry out a workshop with our second-year students of German.  The workshop was based around her present international project ‘Nadaistics’. In Spanish and Portuguese, ‘nada’ is the word for ‘nothing’, while in Slavonic languages the root ‘nad’ means hope. In the workshop, Petra explored the question of what nada or nad meant for each individual. Participants worked with their own ideas, producing texts and drawings.
Petra was delighted with the work that our students produced, which ranged from texts to graphics and even music (see photographs). Their work can be seen presently on the German Section’s notice boards on the 3rd floor in the Cypress Building. A selection of this work might in the future become part of the ‘Nadaistics’ archive, and be presented on Petra’s project website.
As well as giving students an opportunity to IMG-20130319-00316work with a professional artist, the workshop also proved to be an innovative way to teach German vocabulary and language skills. The project was held in collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum, London and the University of Liverpool.
Find out more about Petra Sterry here!
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