Globalisation and its Discontents in the Luso-Hispanic World: Debates in Research and Teaching

This year’s Peers Symposium in Hispanic Studies will take place on 12-14 December 2012 at the University of Liverpool. Eight speakers will explore current good practice in research-led undergraduate and postgraduate teaching through the theme of globalization in the Luso-Hispanic world.

Wednesday’s session will take place at the Garstang Museum Teaching Space at 3pm , while Thursday’s will be held in the Rendall Building, Lecture Theatre 5 at 3pm. All of the talks on Friday will take place in the Foresight Centre, 9.45am-5pm.

SPEAKERS: Dr Maritza Rosas Maldonado (University of Liverpool), Dr Susana Lorenzo (University of Manchester), Dr Mari Jose Olaziregi (UPV/Instituto Etxepere), Prof Kathryn Crameri (University of Glasgow), Prof Joseba Zulaika (University of Nevada) Dr Geoffrey Kantaris (University of Cambridge), Dr Claire Williams (University of Oxford) and Dr Kirsty Hooper (University of Warwick).

peersThe E. Allison Peers Symposium is an annual symposium hosted by Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool, UK since 2009. It is named after Edgar Allinson Peers (right, 1891-1952), Gilmour Chair of Spanish at the Liverpool for thirty years from 1922, founder of the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) and the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, and a pioneer of Spanish  and Catalan Studies. Professor Peers left a substantial bequest for the support of Hispanic Studies at Liverpool, which he stipulated was to be spent to promote the teaching of Spanish, and we are very grateful to him for enabling us to hold these exciting annual events.

In Liverpool, we now teach and research Basque, Castilian, Catalan and Portuguese, and the Symposium provides an outstanding opportunity to bring some of the best thinkers and practitioners across all of these fields to Liverpool to share and discuss ideas, research and practice.

Find more details about this year’s symposium here.

The symposium is free for all students!

The 4th Allison Peers Symposium is presented in association with with the Etxpare Basque Institute, the Institut Ramon Llull, and the Office of Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain.