Dr Claire Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies in CLAS, has recently been awarded a grant from the AHRC to undertake a project entitled ‘Latin American Cultural Production Online, from 1990 to the Present’. The grant provides Claire with research leave until 1 May 2013 to work on the project, which investigates the new cultural forms being developed at the interface between literary-artistic expression and new media technologies. Claire will be exploring the work of cultural producers from the 1990s onwards to analyze how they have been engaged in interrogating some of the central concerns of Latin(o) American identity through their on- and offline cultural practice.

An image from Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez's Gabriella Infinita, a Colombian hypertext novel

An image from Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez’s Gabriella Infinita, a Colombian hypertext novel

Claire has selected as case studies works of six leading net.artists (Uruguayan, Argentine, Chilean, Colombian, Nicaraguan, Cuban-American and Chicano), each of whose works engage with seven iconic locales in the Latin(o) American imaginary: the cartography of Montevideo as a defining image of Uruguayan spatial identity; the Alameda in Santiago de Chile as the contested space of historic memory in Chile; the Plaza de Mayo and the image of the port city as defining Argentine identity; the Colombian terrain as a contested territory between opposing forces; the US-Mexico border as both physical and conceptual space; and the streets and the barrio as the configuration of Latino identity in the US.

There will also be several events, including workshops and talks, that Claire is organizing related to the project.

For further details, you can keep up with the progress of the project and the related events via Claire’s project blog.