In the third graduate profile, CLAS has tracked down Chris Binns, who read French and Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool and graduated in the summer of 2009.

Chris joined the ab initio stream of Spanish language, already having an A-level in French on arrival in Liverpool. Combining both languages meant that Chris divided his year abroad between France and Spain. In France, he worked for the AA at their European breakdown assistance call centre in Lyon, before taking up a Comenius language assistantship in the rural Spanish region of Extremadura.

Chris Binns, BA (2008)

Chris Binns, BA (2008) at work at RWS Group

Living an hour from Portugal, Chris travelled to the country on several occasions and had the chance to take an ab initio Portuguese language module upon his return to Liverpool. This interest in Portugal and Portuguese led to Chris deciding on graduating to work in Lisbon for a year as an English & French teacher, returning to Lyon for three separate summer stints.

Chris comments, “I enjoyed the translation module that I took in my final year at Liverpool, so decided to return to the UK and complete an MA in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. I was keen to get working again as soon as possible, and took a Translation Project Manager role with RWS Group whilst still writing my MA dissertation.” Chris’ role is primarily to work with RWS Group’s Paris office and manage the projects involving French clients. Chris concludes, “Getting to use my French every day is a real positive. I’m enjoying my time here and am gaining some great experience. Liverpool gave me some great opportunities for which I will always be grateful!”