For the final CLAS research seminar of the semester, Dr Caroline Prud’Homme (French, University of Liverpool) will be giving a talk on Thursday 6 December entitled:
  • The legacy of the Chroniques of Jean Froissart in Jean de Wavrin’s Anchiennes chroniques d’Engleterre: the case of the Flemish urban revolt, 1379-85
 Compared to Georges Chastellain or Jean Molinet, Jean de Wavrin is not a very well known figure of Burgundian historiography; he is nonetheless the author of the Anchiennes cronicques d’Engleterre, an extensive historical compilation in six volumes largely derived from the Chroniques of Jean Froissart and not yet available in print in full. This paper investigates the transmission and the transformation of Froissart’s Chroniques into the Wavrin compilation through a close reading of an episode (the Flemish wars of 1379-85, Froissart, Book II; Wavrin, volume III) in manuscript context. It evaluates the extent to which Wavrin is faithful to Froissart, and explores complex issues of manuscript transmission. This paper also examines Wavrin’s compiling method and his interventions on his source text, taking into account the impact of these interventions on the reader, and the relationship between the materiality of the manuscript and its content.
The talk will be at 5 p.m. in room 209 of the Cypress Building (no. 108 on the campus map). All welcome!