Jennifer is a second-year CLAS postgraduate student, currently doing a PhD in Hispanic Studies. Her project is a comparative study on The Reception of Women Writers in Central Spain, Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country in the Twenty-First Century. It will look at the literary spaces women writers occupy, the location of prestige women writers receive, the reception women writers receive in academic criticism and the marketing of women’s writing.

The tarta de Santiago

Jennifer is focussing on four case studies, Almudena Grandes (Central Spain), María Xosé Queizán (Galicia), Maria de la Pau Janer (Catalonia) and Laura Mintegi (Basque Country). In November, Jennifer Rodríguez will give her first paper at the WISPS (Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies) conference in Bangor on Locating the Prestige of Women Writers in the Twenty-First Century in the Spanish Nation-State, focusing on the Galician author María Xosé Queizán.

Jennier also delivered a Galician workshop at St Austin’s, a local Liverpool primary school with Spanish assistant Elma Barreiro, repeating the workshop she gave with Ben Inman in the summer. St Austin’s was celebrating its tenth anniversary as a Spanish-teaching school and both teachers and children had a lot of fun learning Galician words, making Tarta de Santiago and learning the Muiñeira, a traditional Galician dance. After the session, the children made a fantastic booklet containing pictures of the day and work they had completed about Galicia.

The booklet which the students of St Austins made