In August, Dr Claire Taylor was interviewed by Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez for the Colombian radio programme Hologramas Sociales, a series which aims to bring issues from the social sciences, in the broadest sense, to a general public. The interview formed part of the series Monográfico sobre Latinoamérica, which focuses on new forms of expression within Latin America.

The title of the interview was ‘Ciberliteraturas latinoamericanas‘, and questions focused on new developments in online and digital literature, gender and technology, and the relationship between prior forms of literary experimentation in Latin America, and in the Hispanic world more broadly.

A full recording of the interview is available on the Hologramas sociales website – you can listen to the recording here, by clicking on ‘Escuche aquí el programa’.

To find out more about Claire’s current research, visit her blog Latin American Cyberculture.