The CLAS Research Seminar on Thursday 18 October will be given by Dr Marco Paoli (Italian and Film Studies), University of Liverpool), on the subject:

‘Carlo Lizzani’s L’amore che si paga: stalking prostitutes in search for ‘pure’ realism’ 

The The purpose of this paper is to give an analysis of the influence of the search for ‘pure’ cinematic realism on Lizzani’s depiction of the evolving criminal scene, notably female street prostitution in    Rome in the early 1950s as it is portrayed in Amore che si paga. It will be argued that the director uses a range of realist and artefact strategies in the short-film to develop his idea of a renewed documentary, whose ethical function should compel viewers into vividly experiencing the destiny of the protagonists and appreciate the socio-political implications of the cinematic representation of this historical context. Of importance in this regard are the techniques that

the director uses to focus not only on the centrality of historical accuracy but also on the possibility for films to be a legitimate way to represent history by interpreting and dramatizing immediate past events.

The talk will be at 5 p.m. in room 209 of the Cypress Building (no. 108 on the campus map).

All welcome!