Professor Eve Rosenhaft will be giving a lecture at 6.30pm this evening at the Wiener Library, London, on:

‘Black People under Nazi Rule: Perspectives on the Racial State

Prof Eve Rosenhaft will be discussing her research as part of Black History Month. Among the groups targeted by National Socialist policies of racial exclusion and elimination between 1933 and 1945 were the members of a small black population, most of them of African origin. Official policies towards them and the quality of their experiences have received relatively little attention
from specialist historians; the only published monograph study relies entirely on English-language sources. This talk draws on new research in a range of private and official sources to explore that history and consider how what happened to black people in Germany and occupied Europe reflects on our understanding of Nazi racial policy   more generally.

Eve Rosenhaft is Professor of German Historical Studies at the University of Liverpool. She has published books and articles on aspects of German social and cultural history since the eighteenth century, including work on labour and gender history, ‘Gypsy’ and Holocaust studies, the history of financial practices, and race and colonialism. She is the co-author, with Robbie Aitken, of a forthcoming monograph study of Africans in twentieth century Germany, on which this talk is based.