Ana Almeida, CLAS University Teacher in Portuguese, participated in the event Dublin Culture Night with a reading of the works of Portuguese poet Alexandre O’Neill.  This multilingual literary soirée took place at the Trinity Long Room Hub, where poetry was read in several different languages by academics and writers. Ana’s presentation focused on Alexandre O’Neill’s life and poetry and, in particular, on O’Neill’s connection to his Irish ancestry.


As Ana explained in her introduction:

Alexandre O’Neill was one of the most renowned Portuguese poets of the 20th century, and one of the founders of the Lisbon Surrealist Movement, carried his Irish family name with pride. Living for most of his life under the Portuguese dictatorial regime of Salazar, and himself suffering the burden of the fascist regime, Alexandre O’Neill took pride in his ancestral roots, as the O’Neill dynasty was associated with bravery and freedom of spirit.