Between March and June 2012 the Italian subject group organised for Helena Thomas-Wilson, a CLAS student studying Italian, to teach in a local school. Helena delivered eight Italian lessons to a group of pupils of varying ages and abilities at Hillside High School in Bootle. The young students were all united in their interest to learn some Italian and experience aspects of the country’s culture during Italian Club sessions. The last lesson was a hands-on experience of Italian cooking, much enjoyed by all concerned.

Miss Lindsey Collins, language teacher and Transition Manager at Hillside High School, said: ‘The lessons were always well prepared and worksheets and activities were suitable for all abilities. The children thoroughly enjoyed Italian Club, especially as Helena built up such a positive relationship with them. She was reliable and punctual and extremely conscientious. I wish her the very best on her PGCE as I feel she would make an excellent teacher of MFL.’

Helena said: ‘In terms of my personal development, the experience was extremely rewarding. I have learnt how to deal with children with special needs and make them feel at home. I now want to undertake a PGCE upon completion of my degree here at Liverpool and become a teacher in the future. Without this experience, I probably would have been unsure about the rewards of teaching and may not have pursued this pathway. Many thanks for organising this opportunity for me, it will stay with me for a lifetime.’

 Thank you!

Our warmest thanks to Rossana McKeane in the Italian subject group for supporting Helena in the preparation of all activities relating to teaching, including feedback and evaluation.

To Miss Lindsey Collins for her warm welcome, encouragement and advice throughout the period.

To Deonne Hill and to Clare Martindale from the Careers and Employability Service.

To Jane Halsall, Liverpool Advisory Teacher, Liverpool City Council.