We were impressed with Joanna Conroy’s photo, which she recently took on her year abroad in Normandy.

Joanna tells us more about the photograph:

I took this picture on my last day as a language assistant in Evreux, Normandy. Guichainville was one of the rural villages where I was working. It’s a field of ‘grain de colza’, the French for rape seed, which was opposite the bus stop, where I waited for the bus each day to take me home from work. Most of the time I was there it was just a green field that blended in with all the surroundings, but in the last few weeks it changed to this vibrant yellow. I wanted to take the picture as the yellow really stood out to me that day against the grey sky.

The picture for me conveys how my relationships grew and blossomed with my collegues and pupils throughout my time in France and my mixed emotions saying goodbye yet realising how much I’d acheived.