Congratulations to Juan Arana Cobos, CLAS University Teacher in Basque Language and Culture, on the publication of his book Oteiza y Unamuno: dos tragedias epigonales de la Modernidad [Oteiza and Unamuno: two late tragedies of Modernity]!

The book considers the intellectual relationship between the Basque philosopher Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936), and the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza (1908-2003). As Juan explains,

[My book] analyses Unamuno’s influence on the configuration of Oteiza’s thinking and his identification in Unamuno’s religious conflict. It considers Unamuno’s presence as the fundamental philosopher who accompanied Oteiza throughout his artistic and intellectual career and from whom he inherits his tragic view of life.

Oteiza quotes and comments on the philosopher in depth in fundamental works such as Interpretación estética de la estatuaria megalítica americana (Aesthetic interpretation of American megalithic statues), Quousque Tandem…! and Ejercicios espirituales en un túnel (Spiritual exercises in a tunnel) and he is a constant reference in purely Unamuno-related themes and his persistent dialogue or struggle with his ideas. He dedicated a late bust to Unamuno and many unpublished writings and notes.

As I argue in the book, both authors also share the need for creating a reality through fiction to renew cultural situations whose stagnation is evident, as is the case of the crisis of modern thinking.

Juan Arana Cobos: Oteiza y Unamuno: dos tragedias epigonales de la ModernidadFundacion Museo Jorge Oteiza, 2012.