Over the past months, Tori Holmes and Claire Taylor have been working on transforming the blog for the International Conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies (held in Liverpool in May 2011) into an ongoing dynamic site for the Latin American Cyberculture project. The project, which is led by CLAS’s Dr Claire Taylor and Dr Thea Pitman at the University of Leeds, explores new manifestations of Latin American culture on the internet. The third member of the project is Tori Holmes, who has recently completed her PhD at CLAS, where she is now Honorary Research Associate.

We’re delighted to now be back with the new version of the site. As well as pages giving general information about the Latamcyber project, its members, current research and latest publications, we’ve included documentation of the events organised by the Latamcyber project since 2006, as well as our joint presentations and panels at other events. There is also a page specifically about the Latin American net.art project led by Claire Taylor.

On the homepage, we have included a section on upcoming talks given by project members. We also highlight the different ways you can follow or engage with the project, whether it is through Twitter (@latamcyber), RSS, email, or by joining our mailing list.