This seminar will be held in memory of Dr Steve Rubenstein.


RILAS seminar, 22 March 2012

Dr Sarah Radcliffe, Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge:
‘Neoliberal multiculturalism and the question of gender: Indigenous women contest development in Ecuador’
Since the mid-1990s neoliberal policy in Latin America has taken social differences into account. Arising from indigenous rights activism and transnational social movements, multiculturalism was integrated with neoliberal programmes in ways that were consistently associated with continuing poverty and exclusion for indigenous and black populations. The talk will focus on the ways that indigenous women experienced and contested this pattern of social neoliberalism and its gendered consequences, drawing on extensive fieldwork among two ethnic groups in Ecuador. It will also deal with how the ‘post-neoliberal’ Correa government is addressing these legacies and indigenous women’s response to policy shifts.

The Seminar begins at 4:00 pm in the LAS Building (86 Bedford St. South) in Lecture Room Three.  Wine Reception to follow. Everyone welcome!