Iberian Week continues on Thursday with a day of food, song and salsa dancing.

A selection of tapas and cake will be served at 1pm in the foyer of the Cypress building. Shortly after, there will be live music in room 507 from 2pmProfessor Roger Wright will be singing his own folk arrangements of Castilian ballads in translation, Xabi Paya will be singing improvised poems in Basque and Dr Andrew Redden will be playing the charango. The afternoon’s events close with a salsa class given by Dr Claire Taylor and Nelson Becerra, in the foyer of the Cypress building at 4pm. All welcome!

Iberian Week aims to celebrate the diversity of the Iberian pensinsula, with events promoting the cultures of the Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia, Spain and Portugal. Find out more about the other events held during Iberian Week here.

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