Iberian week continues on Tuesday, 13 March with a talk on the Portuguese fado and an evening of poetry recitals.

CLAS will be presenting a talk by Ken CavendishJulian Landim and Débora Betts, entitled  ‘Fado: song of resistance in the Portuguese Diaspora’ at 3pm, Lecture Theatre 8, Rendall Building.

In the evening, CLAS will be hosting an evening of Basque and Catalan poetry recitals, featuring Kirmen Uribe and Mikel Urdangarín from the Basque Country and Prof. August Bover from Catalonia, at 7pm in The Bluecoat. Everyone welcome!

Iberian Week aims to celebrate the diversity of the Iberian pensinsula, with events promoting the cultures of the Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia, Spain and Portugal. Find out more about the other events held during Iberian Week here.

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