Dr Tiago de Luca has recently joined CLAS as a University Teacher in Portuguese. Tiago is a Brazilian national and film specialist. He holds a BA in Communication Studies from the State University of São Paulo (UNESP) and an MA in Film Studies from UCL. He was recently awarded his PhD in World Cinemas at the University of Leeds, supported in full by the Overseas Research Student Award (ORSAS).

His specialisms include cinematic realism, world cinema and sensory audiovisual theory – topics he explored in his doctoral thesis. Entitled ‘Realism of the Senses: a tendency in contemporary world cinema’, this project examined the interconnectedness of cinemas across the globe, bound together through the hyperbolic application of the long take, and included the work of Mexican filmmaker Carlos Reygadas. He has recently published a book chapter in the anthology Theorizing World Cinema (I.B. Tauris, 2011), as well as peer-reviewed articles in film journals such as Cinephile and Journal of Chinese Cinemas.

His next research project will investigate the impact of digital technology on the production of realism in diasporic and exilic cinemas as exemplified by the work of Portuguese director Pedro Costa, among others.